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Who We Are

Frequent Questions

Call Before the Crisis

This time can be full of questions, fear, worry, and stress. We can help.  Please call us at 1.866.378.0388 or visit us at 2301 Champagnolle Rd in El Dorado or 1707A Eastridge Dr. in Magnolia. Calling or visiting us does not mean you or your loved one has to be placed on Hospice Services. There is no pressure. The fastest and most efficient way of getting information is by contacting us directly. We can also help prepare advance care plans, refer to other services, or provide grief counseling for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Hospice?

    A specialized kind of care for those facing a serious illness, their families and their caregivers. We are a team of professionals that provide pain and symptom management, spiritual and emotional support, and guidance through paperwork, funeral planning, wills, and other planning/family needs.

  • How are individuals referred to Life Touch Hospice?

    Anyone can refer to Life Touch Hospice, call 1-866-378-0388. Family and friends call us because they need help. We take it from there and have conversations that are necessary with other family members, patients, and the physician in order to begin providing services.

  • After the physician certifies that the patient is eligible for hospice care, the decision belongs to the patient and their family. Patients and families often are the ones to bring up Hospice when meeting with the doctor. Most medical professionals are not trained in starting end of life or advance care planning conversations. Check out our Resources page for tools to help with these difficult conversations.

  • When should someone contact Life Touch Hospice about receiving care?

    The statement we hear most often is “we wish we would have called sooner”. The sooner a call is made, the more we can do to help.

How Hospice Works

  • Can a patient continue to see their primary physician?

    Primary physicians continue to be involved in the care of the patient. Our team will work with the patient’s doctor to coordinate care.

  • Can a patient leave hospice care once enrolled?

    If the patient’s condition improves or the patient decides to seek an alternative, he or she can leave the program. If the patient needs hospice services again, they can re-enroll.

  • Who controls a patient’s care?

    The patient is the care team leader. An individualized care plan is developed that compliments and reflects the patient’s goals and desires. The team works together to help meet those goals. The patient, along with the family, is always in charge of treatment decisions.

  • What if something happens at night or on the weekend?

    One of our Registered Nurses is available around the clock seven days a week to answer questions or visit the home. We strive to give a prompt response to the immediate needs of our patients and caregiver.


  • How is hospice care paid for?

    Hospice is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances. Life Touch social workers can assist with the application process for these programs.

  • What if a patient does not have insurance?

    Life Touch Hospice is a non-profit agency that serves all regardless of ability to pay. Everyone is guaranteed the same high quality care.

To learn more, click here: What is Hospice Care?

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